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Federal Budget Abandons Tasmanians

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Tags: Federal Budget, Hobart Light Rail

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The Morrison Government could not be more brazen about their lack of concern for low income Tasmanians.

Instead of investing public funds where they’re needed most and would have most economic benefit, last night’s Federal Budget prioritises tax cuts for millionaires.  You don’t find many of them down here.

If the Morrison Government had looked after people who really needed help to lift themselves out of poverty, Tasmania would have done well out of this Budget. Instead, they’re being abandoned and patronized again with the false hope of a trickle down from the millionaire tax cuts.

This is a shamefully short sighted and callous response, in a pandemic, where tens of thousands of Tasmanians are reliant on Commonwealth support, or unemployed, or underemployed.

The Federal Budget also allocates zero dollars for the Hobart City Deal, nearly two years after it was first announced. It also sets aside $5.6 billion for rail infrastructure nationally, but not one cent to activate Hobart’s rail corridor to Brighton.

There’s plenty of money for more roads, none for sustainable transport or improving pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

This Federal Budget is a massive missed opportunity to steer Australia towards a sustained, successful, fairer and greener COVID recovery.

We could have a job guarantee, a plan for full employment like Australia had until neoliberalism hit.  The only thing this Budget guarantees is entrenched social and economic disadvantage, and deepening fossil fuel powered climate impacts.

The fossil fuel lobby and the top end of town have done well, but on the whole, Tasmania has been shafted by the Morrison Government just when we most need a stronger investment in people.

There is nothing in this Budget for young Tasmanians, no investment in their future, no signal that the Australian Government understands they’re being left behind on jobs, housing and hope.

They will remember this when they go to the ballot box at the next Federal Election.


Senator Peter Whish-Wilson | Greens Senator for Tasmania

We need a budget to get the most vulnerable in our community back on their feet, not a boost for billionaires and big business.
The Greens will move immediately today to overturn the JobKeeper cuts in the Senate.
We fought hard to get it in the first place because it was absolutely critical then and it’s absolutely critical now to keep it going until this pandemic is over.
I’m calling on my Tasmanian colleagues to join us in getting a fair deal for those who need it most.
We need to invest in a green recovery through a Green New Deal to create home-grown industries that are jobs-rich and can thrive here in Tasmania.