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Federal Budget Impact on State

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tags: Federal Budget, Treasury, State Budget

The current estimate that the state will be $2.1 billion worse off under the Abbot Federal budget increases the pressure on Treasurer Peter Gutwein, to release the taxpayer-funded Treasury analysis of the expected impacts, following his failure to commit to do when asked to do so in Parliament today, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“When asked to provide the date on which he received Treasury’s analysis, and to provide a date for its public release, Mr Gutwein shirked providing specific answers to either query,” Mr Booth said.

“Despite admitting he has had the Treasury analysis for a few days now, Mr Gutwein conspicuously avoided to committing to a timeframe as to when Tasmanians can expect to see it.”

“Grudgingly the Treasurer did devolve under Greens’ questioning that the Premier has written to the Federal government based on the Treasury analysis, and we are now calling for the Premier’s letter to be released publicly.”

“There is a genuine public interest in the release of this taxpayer-funded Treasury analysis, and in the manner in which elected representatives have utilised it on behalf of Tasmanians.”

“Tasmanians underwrite the work of the public sector, including Treasury, and Tasmanians will be bearing the brunt of the Abbott Budget.”

“The reluctance by Mr Gutwein to commit to a date by which to release the Treasury analysis raises further questions whether self-interested political considerations are being placed before genuine transparency and acting in the public interest.”

“Is the Hodgman Liberal government  more worried about showing up their Federal counterparts, or are they worried their own rhetoric of still being able to deliver all their state election promises will be exposed as completely hollow.”

“Tasmanians paid for this advice, and there are 2.1 billion reasons why they should see the extent to which Treasury believes we will all be paying the price for the cruel Abbott Budget,” Mr Booth said.