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Federal Budget Response

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tags: Federal Budget

The Abbott federal budget is clearly more focused on investing in the Liberal Party’s future than it is about investing in the future of those doing it tough, or in rebuilding Tasmania’s education and health sectors which suffered in last year’s federal funding cuts, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“This federal budget offers no vision, and no boost for the state. It is clear a rattled Liberal Party is prioritising their electoral self-interest over the interests of Tasmanians doing it tough, the environment and our education and health sectors,” Mr Booth said.

“This begs the question what on earth did Premier Hodgman and Treasurer Gutwein do to lobby Canberra on behalf of Tasmania?”

“Why are there no answers on the Cadbury $16 million, no answers on the Mersey Hospital, no security for the University of Tasmania’s northern campuses, and no funding for the 20 year Antarctic strategy?”

“Just this week Antarctic scientists and experts have warned that the rate of sea level rise is increasing, yet the Liberals failure to fund their 20-year Antarctic strategy, leaves our local skill and job development opportunities high and dry.”

“The Abbott government’s failure to finally hand over the promised $16 million previously for Cadburys, and in fact listing it as a ‘saving’, is deeply concerning.”

“Why has this injection not yet been handed over, and when can those Tasmanians waiting for it to boost local investment and job creation opportunities expect a resolution?”

“It is unacceptable for the cloud of uncertainty to still hang over our UTas’ campuses, especially those in the north of the state, while the Liberals still blindly pursue their deregulation of universities.”

“The ongoing damaging this does to Tasmania’s potential, our international academic reputation, and learning opportunities and skills development for our young people cannot be understated.”

“The damage wrecked on the state’s education and health sectors by last year’s federal budget has not been healed by this one.”

“Vulnerable Tasmanians, including those on the lowest incomes are still being treated cruelly, while efforts have been made to appease and mollify the Liberals’ big end of town mates.”

This federal budget now puts all the pressure back onto Peter Gutwein to really deliver in the forthcoming state budget.  The Hodgman Liberals like to claim they have done the heavy lifting, and now thanks to their mates in Canberra they have more heavy lifting to do,” Mr Booth said.