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Forestry Bill Gagged-Again

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tags: Legislation

The Hodgman government has brought the Parliament’s reputation to a new low by ramming through their controversial Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Bill 2014 after gagging debate and under the cover of darkness, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said tonight.

“The Liberals gagged debate and rammed the original Bill through the Lower House, and now gagged debate yet again when the heavily amended Bill returned from the Legislative Council, ramming the final vote through at 9pm,” Mr Booth said.

“This travesty of a ‘wreck the forest future’ Bill had 27 Legislative Committee amendments to it, which gave 6.67 minutes time to each amendment.  It is no surprise then that unfortunately most remained unexamined due to time running out under the gag.”

“There are also serious questions for the Minister to answer over contradictions between advice provided to, and received from, the Forest Stewardship Council over the impact this piece of legislation could have on Forestry Tasmania’s FSC application.”

 “This is a dark day for Tasmania’s democracy, a dark day for our forests, and a dark day for any hope that a viable restructured future for a state timber industry will occur any time soon,” Mr Booth said.