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Forestry Politics on Show for Hobart Visitors

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Friday, 9 December 2016

Tags: Forests, Native Forest Logging, Macquarie Wharf, Tourism, Hobart, Log Trucks

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader and Forests spokesperson

Today's government announcement TasPorts will be entering into a partnership to facilitate log and woodchip exports out of Macquarie Wharf, with taxpayer money, demonstrates this government's warped priorities.

Plans to begin wood exports from January next year, coincide with Hobart's peak tourist and festival season.  Unfortunately, due to the Hodgman Government's political priorities, tourists will be getting a real 'taste of Tasmania' under a Liberal Government.

The Minister for Infrastructure was unable to admit the brand damage a pile of logs on the wharf will do. 

Mr Hidding is delusional if he believes piles of native forest wood greeting cruise ship arrivals won't damage our tourist brand and amenity in the city of Hobart.

Minister Hidding was also adamant Hobart residents wouldn’t notice 1-3 extra log trucks an hour on their streets.  This madness is from the Minister who is responsible for reducing traffic congestion in the State's capital. 

Just as Minister Barnett thinks you can log high conservation value forests in prime tourist destinations because we have done it in the past.  He appears to be stuck in the past, whipping up conflict and blind to Tasmania's future.

People visit our island state because of its wilderness, clean green brand and reputation for environmental sustainability.  The Liberals seem to think you can have it both ways, but they can't.