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Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 10 November 2014

Tags: Fracking

Today’s Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival’s (BOFA) big picture debate on fracking in Tasmania is very timely, with public comment currently being sought on the government’s review of the state’s 12 month fracking moratorium, Greens Leader and Mining spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“The BOFA debate highlighted the sensitivity and controversy over hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, with the clear message from today that there is no place for it in Tasmania,” Mr Booth said.

“Currently there is a 12 month moratorium on fracking in this state, which was implemented in March this year due to the strong campaign run by the community, concerned farmers and the Greens, but there is no guarantee it will continue beyond March next year.”

“Tasmanians who hold concerns over fracking, must make their views heard through the government’s current review into fracking in Tasmania before the public consultation period closes on Friday the 5th of December.”

“We are in a strong position to learn from the mistakes and experiences elsewhere.  We have seen farming communities from Queensland, through NSW to Victoria have to take on big mining companies, in a David versus Goliath contest, to protect their land and water from unconventional gas operations.”

“The precautionary principle must apply.  For Tasmania’s ecology, the health of our waterways and the rights of our farmers and landowners to lock the gate to protect their land and livelihoods.”

“The Greens welcome the BOFA organisers for using the Big Picture debate component of the festival to shine the spotlight on fracking, and congratulate all the debate participants and audience.  It is clear that this is a sensitive issue with major ramifications for our environment, our waterways and our farmers, and one which we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to,” Mr Booth said.