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Full Transparency Needed on AFL Deal

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 4 May 2023

Tags: Stadium, AFL

Cassy O'Connor | Greens Leader

Premier Jeremy Rockliff must release all the documents behind the deal he’s made to sell out Tasmania to the AFL.

Photos released from yesterday’s official contract signing show the Premier and AFL CEO each with a large stack of papers – documents that detail the ins and outs of this deal, including all the conditions placed on Tasmania.

We already know the AFL has bullied Tasmania into forking out about a billion dollars to get the AFL team the state has long deserved. What else has spineless Premier Rockliff signed Tasmanians up to?

It could be the case that there’s nothing to see here, but that seems unlikely.  Gill McLachlan and Jeremy Rockliff have been far too tight lipped about the other details of this deal, even when asked directly.

That’s not good enough. Tasmanians – who will be footing the bill – have every reason to be sceptical, and to wonder what other devils are in the detail.

The public have the right to see the deal Jeremy Rockliff and Gill McLachlan signed yesterday, and all the associated documents too.

It’s public money being squandered for a new stadium. It is Tasmanians who’ll carry the debt these two wealthy men in suits consigned us to for generations to come.

Show us the deal, Premier.

Secrecy over a billion dollar-plus deal is not going to cut it. Tasmanians are furious we’ve been made to pay such a high, unjust price for a team we’d more than earned.