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Geelong Star Kills More Dolphins, Seals

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tags: Super Trawler, Environment

Greens Leader and Primary Industry spokesperson, Kim Booth MP has called on Premier Will Hodgman to apologise and to immediately rule out Liberal support for the Geelong Star in light of the most recent dolphin carnage.

“Premier Hodgman should hang his head in shame over the continuing killings of marine mammals by the factory freezer super trawler Geelong Star,” Mr Booth said today.

"The shocking news of a further six dolphin and seal deaths, all killed by the Geelong Star, highlight the Premier’s lack of care and concern for the environment and the opinions of the community."

"This avoidable slaughter was obvious to everyone it seems other than the Premier and his Liberal team, whom voted down a Greens motion calling for a Federal ban on the Geelong Star."

"The Greens Motion for tripartite support for a ban on super trawlers and factory freezer trawlers if carried, would have sent a powerful message to the Federal government and the Geelong Star’s biggest supporter, Senator Colbeck, that these boats are not wanted."

"Premier Hodgman was caught out lying to the public about his party's position about the super trawlers and now the six further mammal killings has exposed him as a Premier who stands for nothing but weasel words."

"The Tasmanian Liberals have blood on their hands over support for the trawler and I am calling on the Premier to apologise and to commit to now supporting a federal ban on these types of boats," said Mr Booth.