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Glenorchy RSL Closure Lays Bare Liberals' Pokies Lies

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 22 July 2019

Tags: Pokies, Veterans

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The lies and corruption at the heart of the 2018 State Election has been laid bare by the sudden closure of the Glenorchy RSL.

Used as a patsy for the 2018 State Election campaign – even claiming ANZAC Day commemorations would be at risk – the Glenorchy RSL has now closed its doors.

They were used and abused by the Liberals and the gambling industry, then spat out and forgotten after the election.

This closure will be a devastating blow for veterans who are part of the Glenorchy RSL community.

When the entire State Liberal team gathered outside its doors in early 2018, the Glenorchy RSL became the face of a massive industry funded pokies propaganda campaign.

The Liberals’ claim that the removal of poker machines from communities would shut RSL clubs now rings hollow.

Less than 18 months after having the entire Liberal State Election team stand outside the Glenorchy RSL promoting pokies, this same club yesterday shut up shop without notifying many of their 11 staff members.

The closure of the Glenorchy RSL is confirmation that the only people reaping rewards from poker machines are the Liberals’ donors, the pokies barons.

The fearmongering and lies pedalled to disadvantaged communities to win an election were despicable. The Glenorchy RSL, just like so many Tasmanians, were taken for fools by the Liberals and their pokies baron donors.

The Premier and his Treasurer should apologise to the veterans and staff of Glenorchy RSL for so cynically using them to score points and win votes in 2018.