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Greens Alternative Budget Statement

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tags: Alternative Budget, Electric Vehicles, State Budget, Hobart Light Rail

Nick McKim MP | Greens Treasury spokesperson

The Tasmanian Greens' Alternative Budget Statement demonstrates it is possible to deliver strong economic and jobs outcomes while investing extra into health, education, small business, housing and environmental protection.

Our Alternative Budget expenditure is fully costed and funded, and does not change the timetable for a return to surplus established by the government.

It is an alternative with both heart and vision, and stands in stark contrast to the slash and burn approach that the government has embedded into its budget.

We have shown that it is possible to restore every single teacher that the government has cut from public schools, boost health funding including preventative health, build hundreds of new affordable homes, give small business a shot in the arm, build Stage 1 of the Hobart light rail, restore jobs in the Parks and Wildlife Service, invest in electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure, respond to the crises in drug addiction and family violence, and invest in mitigation and adaptation in response to global warming.

It identifies savings by reprioritising government spending in key areas including its infrastructure slush fund and a percentage of the $728 million allocated for roads and bridges over the next four years.

The Greens would redistribute a significant part of the unallocated $220 million infrastructure fund into social infrastructure and community support, environmental protection and creating a prosperous low carbon future for Tasmania.


The Greens Alternative Budget Statement can be found below.


Tasmanian Greens 2015-16 Alternative Budget Statement.pdf