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Greens Back Calls for New Racing Minister to Release Report into Death of Tah Bernard

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Sunday, 27 February 2022

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Office of Racing Integrity, Animal Welfare, TasRacing

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader and Animal Welfare spokesperson

The Greens support calls from Let Greyhounds Run Free, GREAT, the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds and the Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs Inc for the new Racing Minister to release the report into the tragic death of Tah Bernard. 
The death of 18 month old greyhound, Tah Bernard, at a Mowbray vet sparked distressing eyewitness allegations of animal cruelty levelled at high profile trainer, Anthony Bullock. 
This is a matter of significant public interest. Not only are most Tasmanians animal welfare lovers, but it’s an industry that can’t survive without huge sums of taxpayer money. 
Once appointed by the Premier, the new Minister for Racing should release the report into Tah Bernard’s death. Animal welfare advocates have been waiting for three months for results of the investigation into trainer, Anthony Bullock. 
A major player in the cruel greyhound racing industry, Bullock was allowed to keep dogs and keep profiting from their misery while the investigation was underway. We understand his dogs have taken home approximately $190,000 in winnings in that time. 
Taxpayers stump up about $10 million a year to fund greyhound racing. It’s State-subsidised animal cruelty. 
The death of Tah Bernard has distressed and angered Tasmanian dog owners. Peter Gutwein’s new Racing Minister must recognise animal welfare is a critical concern in their new portfolio and release the report in full as soon as possible.