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Greens Budget for Cruelty Free Tasmania

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tags: Animal Welfare, State Budget

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson

The Greens Alternative Budget recognises animals as sentient beings who deserve our care and respect. We also recognise the economic value of humane treatment of animals.

The Greens would invest over $4M on animal welfare, including the RSPCA regaining responsibility for rural inspectorate work and the phasing out of battery hen farming.

Greyhound racing is government subsidised cruelty. The Greens would end greyhound racing in Tasmania and contribute to re-homing the greyhounds already in the industry.

Without government subsidies flowing to the greyhound racing industry, and with our investments in animal welfare, we still come out on top by over $7M over the forward estimates.

When it comes to animal welfare, our Alternative Budget would have Tasmania better off over the forward estimates, both morally and economically.

The Greens would initiate a cruelty free egg policy for Tasmania, which would see us phasing out battery hen farms. We missed an opportunity to lead the nation in cruelty-free egg procurement and production and it's time we caught up.

The Liberals shifted responsibility for industry and rural inspections to an overworked government department. We would provide $200,000 a year to the RSPCA, to run an independent rural animal welfare inspectorate alongside their domestic role. 

The Tasmanian Greens believe all animals have intrinsic value, separate from the needs of humans, who have a responsibility to ensure that animals’ rights and welfare are respected.

Strong animal welfare standards and laws are necessary, and it is up to community leaders and policy makers to lead the way. The Greens would invest significantly in animal welfare, and the old parties are still lagging far behind.