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Greens Contest Local Council Elections

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tags: Local Government Elections

Having a candidate of the calibre of Matthew Ryan-Sykes, who today announced his candidacy as Councillor for the West Coast Council in the upcoming local government elections, is great for the local community as well as great for the Greens, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“We all know the challenges ahead for the West Coast, and the Greens are on the ground and keen to help the community meet those challenges head on,” Mr Booth said.

“I am confident that Matthew will do his utmost to work with all sectors of the local community to build on the region’s strengths, and tap into developing technologies to drive its viable future.”

“The Greens are delighted that Matthew has also identified the potential for Queenstown to be the home of our proposed Mining Remediation and Innovation Centre of Excellence.”

“We believe this Centre of Excellence is best suited to Queenstown to leverage its iconic mining heritage as well as support the regions’ transition into a modern mining sector.”

“Tasmania, and the West Coast, can and should develop and export our mining and remediation technology and expertise, rather than just export raw mineral ore.”

“Matthew wants to see the West Coast remain somewhere that people want to, and can, live and raise their families.”

“This requires identifying new opportunities, and looking after the education and health services which currently exist.  Matthew will prove a tireless advocate for local schools, local and affordable health services, and also for new opportunities such as value-adding current mining skills through our proposed Centre of Excellence which will invest in a viable local west coast industry into the future.”

“The Greens are very excited at having someone of Mr Ryan-Sykes’ calibre and commitment contesting the West Coast Council elections, we know he will give it his all, and we wish him all the best,” Mr Booth said.