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Greens Deliver Vision for Fairer, Healthier Lutruwita/Tasmania

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Tags: Housing, Health, Cost of Living, Alternative Budget

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Housing spokesperson

Since coming to office in 2014, the Liberals’ failure to provide for everyday Tasmanians has helped create twin crises in health and housing. Rather than playing catch up, the Greens’ Alternative Budget looks after people and delivers long overdue improvements in health and housing. 

Our Alternative Budget recognises that far too many people are struggling to put a roof over their head, access healthcare, pay their bills, or put food on the table. We understand there are still big barriers for thousands of Tasmanians trying to access a quality education, or to find work. 

While the Liberals’ plan for housing is to keep adding more people to the housing waiting list, our plan will help more people into secure and affordable homes. We’ll invest in the construction of thousands of more homes, regulate short stay accommodation, and reform the residential tenancy system. 

We know Tasmanians are fed up with a failing health system, which is why we’re investing in both capacity and increased staffing for health. Our Alternative Budget funds hundreds more nurses, midwives, and paramedics. We would also provide real support for drug and alcohol treatment, preventative health and mental health services. 

We’re not afraid to take on big corporations, so we would make them pay their fair share to help create a better, fairer society. 

Instead of prioritizing lining the pockets of big corporations and cronies, the Greens are focused on looking after everyday Tasmanians. Unlike the Liberals’ plan, our Alternative Budget will deliver real outcomes in housing and health. 

We know the government has copied a wide range of policies from past Greens’ Alternative Budgets, so we hope they’re taking notes from this one. After all, Tasmanians are desperate for health and housing solutions that will make a real difference to their lives. 


You can read the Greens’ Alternative Budget here -