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Greens to Move for Climate Emergency Declaration

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Tags: Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The planet is in a climate emergency and it’s time Tasmania’s Parliament moved to acknowledge the scientific truth.

The Greens are listening to scientists and to the community, which is why we have again tabled a climate emergency motion in Parliament today.

We will bring the motion on for debate tomorrow in Greens’ private members time.

The recently released IPCC ‘Sixth Assessment Report’ is the most important scientific report ever presented. Drawing on more than 14,000 separate scientific papers, it is the starkest warning yet of the massive and irreversible impacts of climate change, with the United Nations Secretary-General describing it as a ‘code red for humanity’.

An overwhelming majority of Tasmanians want to see elected representatives of all political persuasions acknowledge the severity and urgency of the challenges we face. We’ve seen many thousands of people taking to the streets to demand action, and unprecedented numbers engage in non-violent direct action in an attempt to prevent climate-destroying activities. And we’ve already seen the impact of the climate crisis up close, through massive fires, floods, and drought here and on the mainland.

The scientific community has meticulously documented how failing to take immediate action on climate change will result in catastrophic consequences. Declaring a climate emergency is a crucial step forward, and will lay the foundation for a new path towards more ambitious climate action.

The Greens have previously had our push for Tasmania to declare a climate emergency defeated by both major parties. Wehope this time will be different, and that the Tasmanian Parliament can collectively show the leadership Tasmanians are looking for.

We need to unanimously accept the basic scientific evidence of the reality facing both the Earth and humanity. 

In voting on this motion tomorrow, MPs only need to consider one question: do I accept the incontrovertible scientific evidence? For the sake of current and future generations, we hope the answer to that question is an easy one for our colleagues.