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Greens to Move for Rental Law Reform

Vica Bayley MP

Vica Bayley MP  -  Tuesday, 17 October 2023

Tags: Rent Caps, Tenant Rights, Housing, Housing Crisis

Vica Bayley MP | Greens Housing spokesperson

On behalf of Tasmanian renters and those struggling to find a home, the Greens are pleased to announce that in Parliament tomorrow we will bring on for debate our Bill to reform the state’s rental laws – to control rent increases, prohibit no cause evictions, implement energy efficiency standards, and make better allowance for renters to share their lives with a pet.

We are putting forward this Bill because we understand how hard life has become for thousands of Tasmanian renters. Rent rises of hundreds of dollars a month are common, and people are regularly kicked out of their homes for no good reason. This has to change, in the interest of fairness, equity and the wellbeing of thousands of Tasmanians.

So many people are already living on the brink of homelessness and in serious financial hardship. They’re barely managing to pay the bills, to heat their home, or to put food on the table now. They know they could be just one rent increase away from being unable to afford to keep their home.

In addition to giving renters protection from unreasonable rent increases and unfair eviction, our Bill will also reduce the cost of living for tenants by putting in place minimum standards for energy efficiency. Better insulated houses with more efficient heating means cheaper power bills for tenants in a cost of living crisis.

We recognise for many people their pets are cherished companions, important for mental health and wellbeing  and our Bill also strengthens rights for pet owners.

While rental laws have been reformed across the mainland, in Tasmania things have remained the same for far too long. Our Bill creates a fair balance between renter and owner rights.

While the Liberals have made it clear they won’t support our proposed laws, a balance of power parliament presents a real potential for them to pass. We hope Labor and the crossbench will support these common sense and important reforms that are all about looking after vulnerable Tasmanians.