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Greens to Move to Repeal Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tags: Pulp Mill, Launceston

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Member for Bass 

The expiration of the pulp mill permits means the Tamar Valley community is one step closer to ending this sorry saga that has plagued them for fifteen years.  People within that community were vilified and abused for standing up for their right to live in a place with clean air and water.

The Greens will be moving to repeal the Pulp Mill Assessment Act in the next session of parliament, so Tamar Valley residents, and all Tasmanians, can finally rest assured.

People who visit the Tamar Valley are in awe of its beauty and unparalleled sweeping river views.  Since Gunns' pulp mill first raised its ugly head, the Greens stood with those residents in defending the future of the Tamar Valley, its vineyards, towns, beaches and visitor economy.

Throughout the saga, we called on both Labor and the Liberals to understand high conservation native forest logging was fraught and that the proposed mill would never be sustainable.  They must support our repeal bill, so Tasmanians can finally have peace of mind.

Gunns and the Lennon Labor Government tried to cover the failings in their plans by removing proper process.  Tasmanians have not forgotten their part in facilitating the removal of proper democratic principles, nor the Liberals’ support of it.

We hope both Labor and the Liberals have learnt from Gunns' failure, and will support our Pulp Mill Assessment Act Repeal Bill.