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Greens Present Alternative Budget to Tackle COVID and Climate Crises

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 18 November 2020

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Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The Tasmanian Greens today delivered our fully costed, triple bottom line Alternative Budget that tackles the twin crises of COVID and the climate emergency.

The pandemic has laid bare already existing tears in our social and economic fabric.  It showed us that poverty and inequality are rife.  

Last Summer’s devastating and terrifying fires on the mainland reinforced the urgent need for real, sustained action to bring down CO2 emissions.  Tasmania can and must play its part. 
The Greens recognise that out of crisis comes opportunity, new ways of thinking, innovation and resilience.  
We recognise that Tasmania's society, economy and the environment need a new way of doing things. COVID made it clear, business as usual wasn’t working

Our Alternative Budget applies a climate lens to all portfolios. It will deliver a jobs guarantee to harness the skills of young people, build 2000 affordable, energy efficient homes, establish the Human Rights Act, invest in rewilding and protect lutruwita/Tasmania’s beautiful native forests.
We understand the State can deliver much better outcomes for at-risk children and young people. Our Alternative Budget funds the closure of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre and invests in a therapeutic youth justice replacement. 
Government is not meeting community expectations to improve animal welfare in Tasmania. We would establish an Animal Welfare Commission, provide funding to Tasmania Police for an animal welfare inspectorate and increase funding to the RSPCA.  
We would also ban battery hen farming, puppy farms and greyhound racing. Our Alternative Budget would make Tasmania the cruelty-free state we know many people want it to be. 
We are proud to present a budget with a science-based climate lens and a big green heart for people. The Greens’ truly Tasmanian Alternative Budget is a genuinely future-focussed vision for Tasmania that tackles the twin crises we face as an island community.


Alternative Budget 2020-21.pdf