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Greens Release Healthy Foods, Healthy Patients Plan

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tags: Health, Health Crisis

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Member for Bass

The resignation of yet another senior surgeon, makes it’s clear Michael Ferguson’s crisis at the Launceston General Hospital is ongoing.

Today’s news that senior Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Gary Fettke, will not renew his contract is just another blow to the LGH, which has been hit hard under the Liberals.

During his time at the LGH, Dr Fettke raised very real concerns about patients suffering from chronic illnesses being fed foods which were not promoting good food habits and good health during their hospital stay.

Food is fundamental to patient care. Failure to provide adequate nutrition can see patients stay sicker for longer, increase the risk of complications and extend their time in hospital beds that are in short supply

The Greens’ plan will legislate for minimum menu and nutrition standards for public hospitals in Tasmania.*

People should be given the best care when they are hospitalised, and that includes what they are fed. It is time for a proper community conversation about the therapeutic benefits of a healthy diet.

South Australia led the way in 2009 in legislating for nutritional foods in hospitals and we should follow their lead.

The Greens’ plan will see hospitals take the lead here in ensuring that patients have the best possible chance of improved health outcomes.