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Greens Release Plan for a Safe Climate

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 1 April 2021

Tags: Climate Change, Native Forest Logging

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Climate Change spokesperson

We were proud to release our comprehensive plan for a safe climate in lutruwita/Tasmania.

The science, and Tasmanians young and old, are crystal clear. Strong, immediate climate action is critical. 

Tackling climate change is both urgent, and an opportunity. In a time of climate emergency, all parties should have a strategy to mitigate global heating, to help communities adapt and make sure no one is left behind.
As a forested, renewable-powered state, Tasmania should be a global leader on climate action. Tasmanians from all walks of life are demanding that.
Climate-informed decision making and preparation is key to keeping Tasmania as safe and stable as possible in a climate emergency. 
Our plan reduces emissions, with strong targets and commitments, and keeps communities safe as the climate changes. It invests in large-scale renewables, protects carbon stores, as well as restoring and rewilding degraded landscapes.

Current and future generations of Tasmanians expect their leaders to act. Unlike the Labor and Liberals, with the deniers in their midst, the Greens have a plan to provide a pathway through crisis.

You can read our plan here -