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Greyhound Parliamentary Inquiry One Step Closer

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Live Baiting

The Tasmanian Greens tabled a Notice of Motion to establish a Joint House Parliamentary Inquiry into practices in Tasmania's greyhound racing industry in the House of Assembly today.

Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson, Cassy O'Connor MP said she was pleased the Liberal government had given the Inquiry in-principle support and that the Labor Opposition had recently announced that they too would support a Parliamentary Inquiry.

"It was heartening to hear from the Deputy Premier that the Liberals would be giving their in-principle support to the Inquiry. It is a sign that the level of community concern about practices prevalent in the greyhound racing industry interstate, and potentially in Tasmania, crosses all political boundaries,” Ms O’Connor said.

"We are still in conversation with Minister Rockliff about the final terms of reference for the Inquiry and I would welcome any discussion with Labor. It is important that we try to remove the politics from this issue and get on with conducting a thorough, independent Inquiry.”

"The Inquiry would seek to cover not only the horrific practice of live baiting, but also "wastage" - the killing of dogs that do not perform or are past their best, and "draining" – the draining of blood from a dog before it is euthanized."

"Tasmanians want genuine action to address any evidence of systemic cruelty in greyhound racing.  We will be bringing this on for debate in the next Greens’ Private Members Time on the 18th of March." Ms O'Connor said.