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Greyhound Racing Industry

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Live Baiting

The Tasmanian Greens welcomed the release of the Report into the Review of Arrangements for Animal Welfare in the Greyhound Industry, noting that its findings and recommendations would provide foundational information and important recommendations for the proposed Joint House Parliamentary Inquiry.

Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson, Cassy O'Connor MP, said the Report is a good sign that Departments are taking the issue seriously and that the findings from any Parliamentary Inquiry could be incorporated in industry and legislative reforms.

"The Report is a good start in reforming the animal welfare standards of greyhound racing in Tasmania, but we have got a major task ahead of us," Ms O'Connor said.

"While the report into animal welfare standards in the greyhound racing industry provides a good basis, a Parliamentary Inquiry will give concerned individuals and whistleblowers the capacity to speak out with the security of parliamentary privilege."

"Moving Racing Services Tasmania in to DPIPWE places animal welfare concerns about greyhound racing in the right agency as it was a poor fit in the Department of State Growth, however, an overstretched departmental inspectorate and under-funded RSPCA may limit checks and balances."  

"The Review released today does make it clear that this issue is about much more than the vile and illegal practice of live baiting.  There is also a distressing level of 'wastage' of dogs which have passed their use-by date or puppies born surplus to requirements, despite the fact that greyhounds can make fantastic pets and there are Tasmanians who want to give them a home," said Ms O'Connor.