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Greyhound Traceability Claims Debunked by Undercover Investigation

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 21 September 2023

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Animal Welfare

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Leader

An undercover investigation by Animal Liberation Tasmania has exposed the falsity of claims made by the Liberal Government and racing industry that there is transparency, traceability and accountability about what happens to greyhounds. The serious problems exposed by this investigation demand strong and immediate regulatory reforms. 

For many years animal advocates and the Greens have highlighted the cruel nature of greyhound racing, and called for rigorous rules to trace exactly what happens throughout the life of any dog unfortunate enough to be used by this industry. When dogs aren’t properly tracked, how can we be confident they are properly cared for?

Instead of acting on the string of transparency and cruelty concerns over the years, the Liberals - supported by Labor – continually choose supporting the racing industry business model ahead of the rights of innocent animals. Animals are acceptable collateral damage for this profit-driven ndustry.

Minister after minister have claimed greyhound racing is safe, and defended the failed policies for dog rehoming and traceability. This shameful denial of reality by successive ministers has meant dogs continue to suffer - from birth, throughout the harsh years of racing, and after industry owners have ruthlessly discarded them when they’re not making a profit. 

The investigation outlined by Animal Liberation Tasmania is truly tragic and points to a systemic, callous attitude in the greyhound racing industry, enabled by deficient regulation. It shows a determined cover up in tracking the history and identity of this dog, which bred the conditions for her abuse and neglect. 

Animal advocates are doing everything they can to shine a spotlight on the ongoing issues in this heartless industry. There have been years of damning evidence, and the Tasmanian community expects the Liberals to act now.

The Greens recognise the greyhound racing industry is inherently harmful for animals, and needs to be shut down. At bare minimum, the Racing Minister Felix Ellis needs to regulate to trace what happens to greyhounds, and make sure owners and trainers are accountable for animal abuse and neglect.