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Greyhound Trainer Lifetime Ban Welcome

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Animal Welfare, TasRacing

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Leader

The Greens welcome the Office of Racing Integrity’s decision to issue a lifetime ban for greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock, and we call on TasRacing to act immediately and ensure the beautiful dogs on his property are properly cared for.

Numerous concerns have been raised by animal advocates and the Greens over years about this trainer, but despite clear examples of his breaches of racing conditions and animal welfare rules nothing has been done. Instead, he was only recently celebrated as the industry poster boy, and has had plenty of support from the Liberal government along the way.

The decision to impose a lifetime ban is vindication for the many people who have spent years trying to hold this trainer – and others in the industry – to account. The decision to ban Bullock only occurred as a result of footage of appalling conditions and baiting evidence on his property, filmed by brave and dedicated activists. The Greens thank them for their tireless advocacy on behalf of animals.

The racing bodies supposed to protect animals from industry cruelty have consistently failed to do their job. It has only been concerned members of the community that have guaranteed at least some scrutiny for greyhound trainers.

Now this trainer can never be involved in racing or training in the greyhound industry, it’s up to TasRacing to ensure the dogs on his property are properly cared for. Some 70 greyhounds remaining should not just be shifted sideways in the industry to face further neglect or harm. TasRacing should fund and support their transition to reputable rescue organisations, and to new safe homes.

While this ban is good news, it won’t solve the many serious issues in greyhound racing. At the end of the day this an industry based on inherent cruelty, which uses beautiful, innocent dogs to make money. The frequent conditions racing greyhounds endure are mistreatment, serious harm, and early callous deaths. All of this cruelty is subsidised by the taxpayer to the tune of millions of dollars a year.

The only way to end the animal cruelty in greyhound racing is to stop the industry altogether. The Greens will continue to fight for the rights of animals and the end of greyhound racing, and we know a growing number of Tasmanians are with us.