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Groom Initiates Talkfest While Major Industrials Cut Production

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Tags: Jobs, Renewable Energy

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and State Growth spokesperson

The Minister for State Growth and Energy today made it clear he has no plan to protect jobs at the State's major industrials who have been forced to cut back production as a result of the energy crisis.

Given the lengthy delay in negotiating agreements with Bell Bay Aluminium and Norske Skog to reduce power consumption, it is reasonable to ask what the Minister was doing in the weeks immediately after the failure of the Basslink cable.

It would seem he sat on his Ministerial hands for an extended time and that this has had a negative economic impact.

Contractors have lost work and there are serious concerns about the future of Bell Bay Aluminium if the power crisis isn't resolved and a long term renewable energy security plan put in place.

The Minister's twelve month talkfest won't save our major industrials and the jobs of hundreds of Tasmanians.

It was extremely disappointing to watch Mr Groom flailing about again this morning, still unable to answer questions in any detail.

He didn't even seem to know if Hydro was exporting power across Basslink when the cable went down.  This is a basic which any Minister across his brief should know.

The State's major industrials are Tasmania's major employers, contributing an estimated $2billion in to the economy each year.  They need to know the Minister for State Growth and Energy is across his portfolio, capable of making decisions and has a vision for the future.

The State's biggest employers must be wondering about Mr Groom at this critical time.