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Gutwein Abandons Tasmanians to Omicron

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 30 December 2021

Tags: COVID-19, Health, Political Leadership

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The Gutwein Government has abandoned the strong public health principles and messaging that kept Tasmanians safe from a deadly, disabling virus for nearly two years. 

With his let-it-rip strategy, Peter Gutwein has gone from hero to public health enemy number one within a fortnight.
While Omicron continues to infect Tasmanians and threaten unvaccinated children because Peter Gutwein opened the border too early, locals have effectively been left to fend for themselves and vulnerable people they love.
The State has hundreds of cases of COVID-19, including three hospitalisations. At a time when Tasmanians most need to hear from the Premier, there’s radio silence for days. 
Where, for example, is the warning to Tasmanians about avoiding New Year’s Eve super-spreader events?

Where is the advice for immunocompromised Tasmanians, like cancer patients, the elderly, Tasmanians living with disability, their families and friends? 
Where is the guidance on upgrading to better quality masks to protect against the super-transmissible Omicron? 

When will the Gutwein Government subsidise urgently needed rapid antigen tests? 
Why is Peter Gutwein continuing to allow plane loads full of Covid in to infect under-protected Tasmanians?

Does his government regard vulnerable Tasmanians, including children under 12, as acceptable collateral damage for a short-term economic sugar hit?

Why so little up to date, readily accessible information on risky locations and Covid outbreaks, so Tasmanians can try to shield themselves from catching a deadly, disabling disease?

Is the strategy just to let it rip, claiming lives, overwhelming our hospitals and consigning a generation of Tasmanians to debilitating long Covid, and potential brain damage? 

These questions remain unanswered by Peter Gutwein. Tasmanians are desperate for information – they’re anxious and, rightly, angry about the Liberals’ betrayal of their trust. 
We urge all Tasmanians to stay safe this New Years Eve – stay in where you can, and mask up with a high quality mask, or double mask, if you’re in a public space.  Enjoy the summer by safely socialising outdoors. 

Don’t accept that catching Covid is an inevitability. We’re only here because of the dark choices made by the a Morrison, Perrottet and Gutwein Governments.

The health of friends, family and our fellow Tasmanians are what matters most as Australia lurches in to 2022.