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Gutwein, Harriss, Annells at Loggerheads Over Forestry 

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tags: Native Forest Logging

Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson, Kim Booth MP today described Tasmania as a “state of confusion” as Treasurer Peter Gutwein, Minister for Resources Paul Harriss, and head of Forestry Tasmania Bob Annells, argue over whether or not the government business’ assets will be sold off in an attempt to pull the rogue agency out of the mud, yet again.

“The Treasurer needs to answer a very simple question here: Who is running this State? The government or Forestry Tasmania?” Mr Booth said.

“When asked this week about whether land would be sold with plantations, Forestry Tasmania said “yes”, the Treasurer said “no” and, well, Minister Harriss just doesn’t have a clue.”

“The Liberal government have more positions on forestry asset sales than the Karma Sutra. It’s an absolute dog’s breakfast.”

“You know the whole thing is a mess when Forestry Tasmania is saying that they need to sell land because the plantations may not bring in enough cash, the Treasurer rules it out, and the poor old clueless Forestry Minister is unable to even envisage it.”

“If it turns out that, in fact, it is the government who are running the State, then how do they intend to fix this latest debacle and how do they now propose to prop up this GBE if there is to be no more taxpayer funds?”

“Surely there are no public servants left to face the chopping block, so where are they going to get Forestry Tasmania’s pocket money from now?”

“So much for having a plan to grow the forest industry.  All the Liberals have achieved is growing the sector’s confusion and uncertainty,” Mr Booth said.