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Gutwein Must Heed Airbnb Pleas

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tags: Tourism, Planning, Short Stay Accommodation

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Tourism spokesperson

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has heard from Airbnb, who were in Hobart today to plead the case of Tasmanian accommodation operators. Planning Minister Peter Gutwein must take their concerns into consideration when it comes to the Statewide Planning Scheme.

The sharing economy is a key part of any modern tourist industry and government shouldn't relegate Tasmanian Airbnb operators out of business.  

The sharing economy is booming and there's a strong market for home-style holiday rentals. It's extremely popular, and an authentic lifestyle experience for many people visiting our beautiful State.

If Minister Gutwein ignores Airbnb, he risks putting Tasmanians out of business and turning visitors away because of a lack of affordable accommodation.  

The Greens raised the similar concerns as Airbnb in our submission to the Planning Commission on the Statewide Planning Provisions.

By restricting the length of stay in a residential zone to 42 nights a year, the Liberals are removing the ability of many to earn a living from their accommodation.  

The Airbnb experience is what many visitors want and there's a market to supply it. Restrictions risk stifling a developing economy and limiting visitor experiences through unworkable government policy.

The level of regulation in the Statewide Planning Provisions is unfair and over the top. It's clear the Hodgman Government haven't been listening to Tasmanians running Airbnb style accommodation.