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Gutwein Responsible for Public Sector Disruption

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Friday, 14 November 2014

Tags: Community

The buck stops with the Treasurer over public sector job cuts and loss of community services, despite his efforts to blame public sector unions, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“It is clear that the Treasurer has deliberately orchestrated a collision course with public sector unions, to ensure he has a convenient scapegoat tarred and feathered in the public’s mind to bear the blame for his job cuts,” Mr Booth said.

“Any disruption to community services, and all the public sector job cuts are the responsibility of Mr Gutwein, and Mr Gutwein alone.”

“At no time did the government approach the public sector unions to request they sit down and discuss options, and then once this was pointed out the Treasurer and Premier refused point blank to enter into negotiations.”

“The callous campaign executed by Peter Gutwein of only communicating to the unions via the media and delivering belligerent and unworkable ultimatums demeans the office of Treasurer and fails Tasmanians’ expectations of leadership.”

“The buck stops with the Treasurer.  And when the community is confronted with loss of services, including teachers and nurses, people will remember this could have been avoided if only the Treasurer had negotiated in a modern and mature manner.”

“People will also remember that while they, their family members or friends lose their jobs, that these cuts have been made by a Liberal government which shamelessly continues to appoint political advisors on annual salaries of over $220, 000.”

 "Apparently Premier Hodgman’s personal apparatchiks are more important than nurses," Mr Booth said.