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Gutwein Succumbs to Climate Denialist Wing of Liberal Party

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Tags: Climate Change, Native Forest Logging, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

In a highly disappointing display in Parliament this morning, Premier Peter Gutwein confirmed that he has completely succumbed to the climate denialist wing of the Liberal party.

When Peter Gutwein took office last year and appointed himself the state’s first Liberal Minister for Climate Change, it seemed there was some real hope our state could see genuine climate action. In the time since, Tasmanians have eagerly waited to see what actions he would take.

Tragically for Tasmania, for the planet, and young people, events of the past month have confirmed Peter Gutwein has fallen victim to the climate dinosaurs that fill his party room.

He is failing to show the leadership demonstrated by his WA counterpart, Mark McGowan, who has heeded the science and announced an end to native forest logging.

Peter Gutwein has not only denied we’re in a climate emergency, he has pathetically tried to argue this is in line with the world’s scientists – despite 11,000 of them signing a climate emergency declaration*, and the United Nations declaring a Code Red for humanity.

Last week, the Premier also ruled out establishing sectoral targets for emissions reduction – a step that will allow for the continued increase of greenhouse gas emissions from Tasmanian industries.

Now we hear him in Parliament echoing the catch cries of his climate-denying resources Minister Guy Barnett to justify the climate disaster unfolding in our native forests, and accusing the Greens of stoking climate anxiety in young people.

If the Premier was serious about climate action, he would be standing up to the denialist dinosaurs in his party room.  

A real leader would end native forest logging to protect Tasmania’s precious carbon stores.