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Gutwein's Water and Sewerage Mess

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 2 June 2016

Tags: Sewerage, Infrastructure, Launceston, Floods

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Member for Bass

The Treasurer and Member for Bass, Peter Gutwein, again refused to take responsibility for Launceston's ailing water and sewerage infrastructure.

After denying all responsibility in Question Time, Treasurer Gutwein left the House in a hurry. Leaving a powerless backbencher to try and justify his decision to ignore his constituents.

Treasurer Gutwein hid behind a backbencher when we raised the issue of Launceston's water and sewerage infrastructure as a Matter of Public Importance in Parliament.

Treasurer Gutwein is standing firm on his Budget decision to leave Launceston's suburbs, like Invermay, ankle deep in raw sewage when flash floods hit.

He's happily spruiking a so-called Budget surplus and ignoring the health of his constituents.

Last Summer's flash floods are a sign of the changing climate times, as our rainfall patterns change. Launceston residents need to be assured they won't get sick because of a weak Treasurer, and local Member, who won't prioritise their needs.

All Treasurer Gutwein needed to do was open the window this Summer to know there is a serious problem with Launceston's ailing water and sewerage infrastructure.

This is a serious public health issue for the people of Launceston. Sewage on the streets, bubbling up through sinks and running into the Tamar is ripe with disease.

As Tasmanian Treasurer, Peter Gutwein, holds the purse strings and directs where state funds go. In this year's State Budget, nothing was directed to Launceston's aging water and sewerage infrastructure.

It's clear from Treasuer Gutwein's State Budget where his priorities lie, and they aren't with the people in his home seat of Bass.