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Hodgman Ducks Scrutiny

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tags: Parliament, Transparency

Premier Will Hodgman will soon become the first Tasmanian Premier for at least 18 years to fail to front the House of Assembly Budget Estimates Committee on the first day of Budget estimates.

"Despite long Parliamentary precedent stretching back to Tony Rundle, Mr Hodgman seems determined to have a practice run in the Upper House," said Greens Member for Franklin Nick McKim MP.

"Surely nearly six months as Premier is long enough for Mr Hodgman to take his training wheels off."

“Even the last Liberal Premier Tony Rundle fronted up to the first day of the House of Assembly Committees during his term of government.”

“The House of Assembly is the House of government, and the people's House, and that is why there is a long-held parliamentary precedent of the Premier of the day fronting the first day of Budget Estimates in the Assembly, so his government’s agenda can be scrutinised,” Mr McKim said.