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Integrity Commission Funding Cloud

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Wednesday, 4 June 2014

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The Liberal government today confirmed in the parliament that the Integrity Commission would have its budget slashed by $600 000 in the upcoming state budget.

"The Liberals have voted down the Greens' motion which would have guaranteed current funding for the Integrity Commission as a minimum,” Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP said.

"Tasmania is now facing an Integrity Commission that will lose 20% of its funding, which will severely compromise its capacity to fulfil its duties,” Mr McKim said.

"According to its Chief Executive, the Commission will now either have to cut its entire investigative capacity, or it's misconduct prevention program.”

"This is an appalling result for the Commission, which is already the least well resourced body of its kind in the country.”

"After playing an important role in the campaign to establish the Commission, the Greens will continue to defend its capacity to play the role expected of it by the Tasmanian people.”

"Does this government have something to hide, or is it just becoming complacent around issues of integrity?"

Text of motion defeated by the Liberal government today:

That the House:—

(1) Notes:—

(a) that the Liberals Government’s proposed budget cuts to the Integrity Commission will seriously impact on its capacity to investigate allegations of corruption and inappropriate behaviour;

(b) that the Integrity Commission has confirmed that it could lose over one third of it’s staff, which will severely compromise its capacity to prevent misconduct and investigate complaints;

(c) that the Integrity Commission plays an important role in improving the standard of conduct, propriety and ethics in public authorities in Tasmania; and

(d) that around the country integrity bodies are exposing corruption and malfeasance and it is more important than ever that Tasmania has a properly funded Integrity Commission.

(2) Condemns the Liberal Government for attacking the Commission’s budget and relegating integrity to the back seat in Tasmania.

(3) Calls on the Liberal Government to maintain at a minimum the Integrity Commission’s current funding.