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Involve Community in Tackling Crime

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tags: Community Safety, Justice, Crime

The Hodgman government needs to urgently convene a Safe Community taskforce to develop a strategy to tackle the apparent increase in crime, including the recent spates in property crime, before it gets out of control, Greens Leader and Police spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Locals are raising with me serious concerns that the recently highlighted surge in property crime in Launceston is spiralling out of control, a trend which of course isn’t just limited to the north,” Mr Booth said.

“The Hodgman government should urgently convene a Safe Community Taskforce, where local representatives are empowered to work with Tasmania Police, and other agencies, to develop current and targeted strategies to prevent crime, as well as strategies for prompt identification and arrest of perpetrators.”

“We need an innovative and dedicated approach to tackling crime rates, and the community deserves to be involved in developing that strategy.  They are the ones being burgled, and having their property destroyed.”

“Too often we see a knee-jerk ‘law and order’ punitive and heavy-handed top-down reaction, which evidence shows delivers further social alienation and marginalisation, where people are intimidated from helping authorities.”

“The community needs a say in not only putting more police officers on the beat, but also how to best effectively utilise them.  The time of day they are needed, in which areas, and how to best keep open the lines of communication for reporting of suspicious behaviour.”

“We know there is growing community concern over the increased spate in burglaries, crimes involving guns and weapons, stealing, ram raids, and home invasions.  Additionally there is growing awareness of the urgent need to tackle domestic violence, and the ‘ice’ epidemic which has been identified as a major factor in the worsening crime rate.”

“Yet so far there has only been silence from Minister Hidding and Premier Hodgman.”

“The Liberal government must take decisive action, talk to the locals and get an integrated, community driven Safe Community taskforce up and running asap.”

“The forthcoming State Budget needs to provide dedicated funding to invest in Safe Communities, before the ice epidemic and these latest surges in property crime become an entrenched statewide problem,” Mr Booth said.