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It is Time to Recall Parliament

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tags: Parliament, Renewable Energy, Bushfires, Health

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

Tasmania is in crisis yet the Liberals are content to wait until March to answer questions in Parliament about what they will do to provide energy security, fix the underfunded mess that is public health in Tasmania and better protect Tasmania’s wilderness areas from fire in the future.  

We are in the midst of an energy crisis, our health system is a mess and our wilderness continues to burn. The Premier should recall Parliament to enable informed debate about these matters of importance to Tasmanians. 

I have written to Mr Hodgman today urging him to recall Parliament early so we can hear from government Ministers on these issues of critical state importance.

Liberal Ministers front the media once or twice a week and recite scripted lines, but this is no replacement for accountability and the scrutiny of Parliament.

Right now, Tasmanians are being kept in the dark.

Tasmanians might be surprised to know we are the tardiest Parliament among the States and the Commonwealth.

Federal Parliament went back to work last week and most State and Territory Parliaments are returning this week or next.

The Tasmanian Parliament doesn’t return until 8 March, making ours one of the last Parliaments to return to work after the Summer break.

On top of our slow start, we sit for only 51 days in 2016, the equal lowest of any State Parliament in the country with Victoria.  We are also the only Parliament to not resume sitting in February.


*Attached, copy of Letter to Premier of Tasmania, 9th February 2016


Letter to Premier re Parliament Recall