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Jobs' Crisis Demands Honesty and Action

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 22 August 2016

Tags: Employment, Unemployment, Jobs

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The first step towards solving a problem is to acknowledge its existence. 

With ABS data showing 5,200 Tasmanians out of work since last September, the Liberal Government does indeed have a jobs’ crisis on its hands. 

This has been confirmed by the Tasmanian Council of Social Services (TasCOSS), yet the Liberals continue to deny their failure to deliver on the jobs’ bonanza they promised Tasmanians before the last State election.

Even today, the Treasurer was trying to paint a false and rosy picture of Tasmania’s employment landscape.  The fact is, he and his Cabinet colleagues have failed.

This is what happens when governments spend more time blowing hot air at a problem than working to solve it.  For the past two years the Liberals have relentlessly talked themselves up as the saviours of Tasmania’s economy.

On the Liberals’ watch, 5,200 Tasmanians have been put out of work, youth unemployment in the regions is soaring and the participation rate is at its lowest level in a decade, which means too many people have just given up looking for work.

Also on the Liberals’ watch, the State’s credit rating has been downgraded.  This is a damning indictment on the Treasurer’s smoke and mirrors approach to the Budget, with Moody’s identified a completely unrealistic health expenditure model that projects almost zero growth in demand for health services.

The Liberals might think they can fool Tasmanians, but they haven’t fooled Moody's.

It’s time for the Liberals’ to get out of the spin cycle.  It’s time for some honesty and action. 

The Greens will continue to call on the Hodgman Government to create a Ministerial portfolio for Employment, and initiate a comprehensive Workforce Participation Plan that engages business and industry, examines the jobs of the future, education, skills and training gaps and puts in place policies that actually deliver meaningful, sustained employment opportunities for Tasmanians.