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Kennel Licence Revelations Confirm Lack of Greyhound Racing Oversight

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Tags: Greyhound Racing, Office of Racing Integrity, TasRacing, Animal Welfare

Cassy O’Connor MP | Animal Welfare spokesperson

Revelations Tasmania's top greyhound trainer has not held a kennel licence for a decade speaks volumes about this cruel, corrupted industry and its lack of oversight.

It raises serious questions about government regulation of trainers. What checks are being done on people responsible for the welfare of hundreds of animals?

The trainer found to be operating without a kennel license is also being investigated for animal cruelty over the premature death of 18 month old greyhound, Tah Bernard, last year.
The investigation is dragging on for months with no explanation from government for the delay.

Mr Bullock was not suspended from running greyhounds during the course of this animal cruelty investigation, and we understand he has taken home more than $100K in winnings in that time.

Racing Minister, Jane Howlett, must explain how this happened. She should tell Tasmanians how bad things have to be for someone to be stood down from this cruel, outdated industry.

The greyhound racing industry is propped up by about $10 million in public funding a year.

TasRacing and the Office of Racing Integrity also have questions to answer about how the State’s ‘leading’ greyhound trainer can operate for a decade without a kennel license.

This shonky, brutal industry is irredeemable. Mr Bullock's hundred sensitive, gentle greyhounds, and their cousins around the state, deserve so much better.