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Labor Can Save Tasmania from Billion Dollar Stadium

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Tags: AFL, Stadium

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

Confirmation the Albanese Labor Government plans to stump up $240M for a stadium puts the focus on Rebecca White’s Labor Party.
Surely the Opposition agrees with the majority of Tasmanians who oppose this stadium, especially those on the growing waitlists for housing or healthcare.
Rebecca White said on Saturday, “a billion-dollar stadium is not a priority for Tasmania, and we should not have to build one to get our team.” She’s right. The AFL and the Tasmanian Liberals, however, have made it clear those two things are inextricably linked. That’s why the Greens pulled out of the bid.
The Greens made the difficult decision to withdraw support for the State’s AFL license bid because it is attached to a billion dollar stadium Tasmania doesn’t need and can’t afford. We urge Labor to do the same.
Tasmanian Labor have real power here, but they haven’t used it yet to convince the PM not to fund the stadium. A tough stance from Rebecca White and her team could push their federal colleagues to save Tasmania from a stadium it can’t afford and doesn’t need.
A strong Opposition should put the basic needs – like housing and healthcare - of Tasmanians first, and reject this unneeded and unwanted stadium outright. Weasel words won’t cut it.
If you’re against the stadium, be against the stadium – there’s no room for handwringing. It’s not enough to have the bumper sticker on Labor cars – that won’t save Tasmania from half a billion dollars of debt, and an edifice to greed and lost opportunity at Macquarie Point.
The stadium is a deeply unpopular proposal that was not consulted and has no mandate. With Federal Labor in power, Rebecca White could save Tasmania from the billion dollar stadium and its debt.
There is still time for Tasmanian Labor to do the right thing.