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Labor Leadership Failure

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Sunday, 1 September 2019

Tags: Fish Farms, Forests, Environment, Pokies, Pill Testing, Parks, World Heritage Area, Climate Change

Cassy O'Connor MP | Labor Leadership Failure

In a time of climate emergency and growing social inequality, political parties need to work together to advance the public interest.

Instead, Labor Leader, Rebecca White, is playing silly political games while the planet burns.

Ms White should know this island is not immune from global and national shocks.

She should know that leadership across the community is required to ensure future wellbeing and prosperity for Tasmanians.

At a time when Rebecca White could make a real, positive difference, she is refusing to do so.

Ms White, is abrogating her responsibility and that of her Labor colleagues, to work constructively in the Parliament to tackle the challenges facing Tasmania today.

Labor has thrown up its collective hands and retreated to a lazy attack on the Greens.

We’ve put forward plenty of positive, economically sound, job creating policies in our Alternative Budgets, which - unlike Labor - we develop each year.

Even if they don’t support the Greens, Tasmanians know where we stand.

While they don’t deliver an Alternative Budget vision, we now know through Labor’s actions and words in this term of the Parliament that they support:

- Most damningly for current and future generations, inaction on the climate emergency;

- poker machines in communities until 2043;

- failing to protect young people at festivals from lethal drugs;

- the privatisation of public protected areas;

- shady dealings with developers in the office of the Coordinator General;

- soaring levels of foreign ownership of agricultural lands and housing;

- a cable car on kunanyi;

- the Cambria Green mega development near Swansea;

- the logging of high conservation value, carbon banking forests; and

- poorly regulated, unsustainable fish farm expansion

Tasmanian Labor under Rebecca White has become Liberal-lite.

The two Greens MPs remain the real opposition in Tasmania’s Parliament. We remain the only party that takes the climate emergency seriously.

We will continue to work in the interests of this island and its people, and hope for their sake Labor doesn’t block every constructive policy we put forward in Parliament.