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Labor and Liberal Climate Inaction Unity Ticket

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 26 September 2019

Tags: Climate Change, Forests

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

Labor and the Liberals voted together, yet again, to let down young Tasmanians.

After last night uniting to vote against the Greens' motion to support the climate strike movement, today they refused to take responsibility.

When it comes to climate inaction, the major parties are a unity ticket.

The Liberals claim to be global leaders yet are planning to log 356 000 hectares of natural, carbon sink forests, following their policy failure to support Forestry Tasmania's FSC bid and the GBE's failure to secure FSC.

Labor backed in the Liberals' forest destruction plan at their recent State Conference. Today, they couldn't even defend themselves in Parliament, refusing to open their mouths to explain their failure to vote to support the climate strike.

Last night's debate saw the Liberals and Labor vote in support of a change to the Greens motion to read 'acknowledge' instead of 'support' the climate strike movement. That's simply not good enough. It's a slap in the face to young Tasmanians.

You can acknowledge something simply because it exists. The Greens acknowledge Scott Morrison, Donald Trump and the Liberal and Labor coal-loving donors exist, but we don't support them.

We hope Elise Archer, Guy Barnett, Shane Broad, Jenna Butler, Sarah Courtney, Anita Dow, Michael Ferguson, Peter Gutwein, Ella Haddad, Sue Hickey, Will Hodgman, Jennifer Houston, Roger Jaensch, David O’Byrne, Jacquie Petrusma, Jeremy Rockliff, Joan Rylah, Mark Shelton, Alison Standen, John Tucker, and Rebecca White think of the thousands of young Tasmanians demanding action and feel ashamed of the collective vote they cast last night.

In Parliament, your vote is the most powerful voice you have. Hand-wringing and lip service are meaningless.

In a time of emergency when there's a desperate need for action, young Tasmanians need leadership and climate champions. It's clear that won't be found in the Liberals or Labor.

Only the Greens can be counted on to be a voice for young Tasmanians.