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Labor and Liberal Leadership Stagnant

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 14 November 2019

Tags: Parliament, Political Leadership, Alternative Budget

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

As it draws to a close, 2019 has been an uninspiring Parliamentary year from the old parties, defined by a vacuum in policy and leadership. Today was a quintessential example of where they are going wrong.

During our Matter of Public Importance debate on pill testing, Labor again argued the futility of them declaring a policy position. Apparently you don’t have to have one if you’re not in government.

They are not in Opposition either, it seems. What exactly they are doing to earn the salary the Tasmanian taxpayers are paying them?

The Liberals, in a rush to fill their gaping legislative void, brought on a substantial bill for debate which they only tabled Tuesday. That’s barely enough time for MPs to familiarise themselves with reasonably detailed legislation before debating it.

All week, Liberal backbenchers have filibustered - discussing unrelated historical matters to draw out the Parliament’s time during bill debates. It’s a lazy attempt at hiding the fact there isn’t enough legislation on the books to fill government business time.

When you have an Opposition that doesn’t do their job, the Government has much less pressure to do theirs well either.

This makes the work of the Greens as the true Opposition all the more important.

No one is being done justice by the leadership vacuum created by Premier, Will Hodgman and Opposition Leader, Rebecca White. Their lack of vision fails every Tasmanian who elected them to Parliament in the first place.

Both of these notional ‘leaders’ are more interested in highlighting their respective opponent's failings and avoiding scrutiny than providing an inspirational vision for the future.

Tasmanians deserve better.

Good thing there are Greens in Parliament to hold government to account, lay out a clear policy alternative and work in the best interests of the people of Tasmania every day of the week.