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Labor, Liberals Deny Climate Emergency

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 1 November 2023

Tags: Climate Change

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Leader

In the latest example of the two major political parties teaming up in Parliament, Labor and the Liberals have worked together to vote down a Greens’ motion to declare a climate emergency. 

The latest scientific evidence shows the critical situation that faces life on the planet. Events across Tasmania and overseas in recent years have clearly shown the dangerous effects of climate heating. Massive fires and severe floods have put lives at risk, destroyed properties, and devastated communities. If this isn’t an emergency, what is?

We moved to declare a climate emergency in Parliament today, to stop new fossil fuel exploration, and support sectoral emission reduction targets. Recognising the situation we’re in is a crucial step towards taking the ambitious climate action that’s required.

While we didn’t expect the Liberals to support our move to declare a climate emergency, it was deeply disappointing Labor voted with the Government to defeat such a basic, common-sense step.  

This decision by Labor perhaps shouldn’t be surprising, given their recent track record. In the past month we’ve seen them support the Liberals on the stadium, support the Liberals on weaker laws for political donations, and support the Liberals rather than protect renters from massive rent hikes. Now they’ve backed the Liberals to vote against declaring a climate emergency and future fossil fuel extraction in Tasmania.

We were disappointed the Labor leader and Climate Change spokesperson Rebecca White avoided speaking on the motion, but left her rabidly anti-environment colleague Shane Broad to deliver a rant. This is not what young Tasmanians are hoping from in their political representatives.

Although Labor and the Liberals have let down the vast majority of Tasmanians who want leaders to work on stronger climate action, the Greens remain committed to pursuing the change that’s needed to cut our emissions. We will keep fighting for the future of our island home, and call on the major parties to finally start listening to what the experts and the community know is needed to deliver a safer future.