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Lake Pedder Restoration

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Monday, 23 February 2015

Tags: Environment, Renewable Energy

The state government should support Hydro Tasmania playing a role to further inform the conversation about restoring Lake Pedder.

“Hydro Tasmania could use its expertise in areas like engineering, energy supply and ecological restoration, and the government should be supporting this approach in the interests of properly informing the debate,” said Greens Environment spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

“With Tasmania facing a power glut of between 250MW and 750MW by 2023-24 according to the Australian Energy Market Operator, thousands of solar panels being installed every year and the possibility of one or more major industrial consumers leaving in the medium term,  it’s important that we look at alternatives.”

“Some estimates suggest that Lake Pedder could be restored with the loss of as little as 2% of Tasmania’s generating capacity while retaining Lake Gordon and the Gordon River Power Station.”

“Restoring one of the world’s wilderness icons would not only right a terrible wrong, it would create jobs, boost visitor numbers and position Tasmania as a world leader in the booming field of ecological restoration,” Mr McKim said.