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Legal Advice Concerns Grow

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tags: Australian Constitution, Anti-Protest Laws

The Liberal government is refusing to listen to constitutional and legal experts, and refusing to seek its own legal advice on the Workplaces ( Protection from Protestors) Bill 2014.

"Despite the opinion of experts such as Professor George Williams and Mr Greg Melick SC, the government is stubbornly refusing to consider abandoning some of the most anti-democratic legislation Tasmania has ever seen," said Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"Even the TFGA has received its own advice about problems with the Bill, but the Attorney General clearly feels more comfortable remaining ignorant than being informed."

"This radical legislation threatens the liberty of farmers, pensioners, fishermen, environmentalists, and working Tasmanians, yet the government still refuses to listen."

"Despite repeated questions, the government is refusing to disclose whether it has sought its own legal advice. We can only assume that it has not asked the question because it does not want to hear the answer."

"Welcome to life under a majority government, where secrecy and opacity win the day over honesty and transparency" Mr McKim said.