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Liberals Caught Out on Public Sector Pay Cuts

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tags: Wages, Public Service

The Liberals have admitted that their legislation to cut public sector pay will not cover Judges, Magistrates, the DPP or the Solicitor General, some of Tasmania's highest paid public servants.

"The Liberals are very happy to cut the pay of first year teachers and nurses on less than $50 000 per year, but seem equally happy to see people on more than $400 000 per year to continue to receive pay rises," said Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"This is typical Liberal ideology writ large. Hammer those who can least afford it with a real pay cut, while looking after the top end of town with more pay rises."

"The Liberals are so out of touch they thought they could sneak this through by lying about the extent of their cuts."

"Mr Hodgman should front up to our lowest paid public servants and explain how he thinks it's OK to cut their pay while still giving pay rises to some of our highest paid."