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Liberals Drop Vindictive Axe on Public Sector

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tags: Jobs, Public Service

The Hodgman government has broken its commitment to protect frontline services in its punitive attack on Tasmanian public sector workers, and has still failed to deliver a plan detailing how Education, Health, State Growth and other departments will deliver services while 821 full time equivalent jobs are cut, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“This nasty gutting of public sector jobs is blatantly malicious and merciless. The fact it was avoidable makes if further appalling and cruel,” Mr Booth said.

“This is one of the nastiest examples of nasty politics we have witnessed in a long time.”

“The Treasurer does not even have the guts to take responsibility for this decision and its ramifications, instead resorting to blaming others, desperately trying to rewrite history, and trying to set-up the unions to take the fall for a larger number of job cuts then the Liberals took to the state election.”

“The Legislative Council voted to provide a negotiating timeframe for the government and public sector unions to negotiate a workable outcome, and despite the unions in good faith meeting that deadline the government thumbed its nose, refused to co-operate and instead moved to penalise over 800 Tasmanians.”

“The Treasurer failed to deliver a plan outlining how Education will absorb 266 FTEs in the next eight months, or how Health will cope with 224 FTE’s lost before the end of this financial year as well.”

“This is not governing for good and fair outcomes, this is intimidation and bullying to get your own way no matter what.”

“Might is not right, as many Tasmanians will find as their frontline services and other vital community services are cut.”

 “This is not a government that builds bridges within the community, instead it governs by fear and loathing,” Mr Booth said.