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Liberals' Forestry Jobs Failure

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tags: Native Forest Logging, Forests, Jobs, Environment

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader and Forests spokesperson

The latest ABS detailed labour force statistics have been released today.

The data confirms that there has been no job growth in Forestry and Wood Product manufacturing in Tasmania under the Hodgman Liberal Government.

In February 2014, before the Liberals entered office, there were 3,700 jobs in these sectors, exactly the same as February 2017.

There are, however, 600 employees working part time instead of full time.

The average hours worked a week by workers in forestry and logging has decreased by 14.4 hours.

Saw-millers and timber dressers are working 11.4 hours less, and other wood product manufacturers are working 13.8 less a week.

This is further evidence of structural decline in the industrial native forest logging sector as global markets move to certified, higher quality plantation timber.

Premier Hodgman and Minister Barnett can yell 'jobs and growth' until they go blue in the face, but statistics don’t lie.

The Hodgman Government has failed in what they are pursuing as a core election platform.

It is no wonder they can’t get the support of the industry for their disastrous Forestry Bill, or that they would choose to shut down the debate as they did just as we were get into detailed examination of the environmental costs.

The Premier and his conga line of failed Forestry Ministers have no credibility when it comes to protecting Tasmania's environment, genuinely sustainable forest practices, or employment in the industry.