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Liberals and Labor in Lock Step on Pokies

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Tags: Pokies, Political Donations, Gambling Industry

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The lies and corruption at the heart of the 2018 State Election were laid bare by the sudden closure of the Glenorchy RSL a fortnight ago. Glenorchy RSL staff and veterans were used and abused by the Liberals and the gambling industry, then spat out and forgotten after the election.

The Liberals’ abuse of the Glenorchy RSL, its employees and veterans is only eclipsed by the Labor Party’s betrayal of the Tasmanians who voted for them on the basis of their policy on poker machines.  They voted in hope that Labor would stick by their policy and do the right thing.  They placed their trust in Labor.

Those Tasmanians, who placed their trust in Labor at the last election, deserve better. They deserve representatives that will use their Parliamentary vote responsibly and with the best interests of Tasmanians at heart. 

Labor’s cowardice was on full display in State Parliament this evening.  Those watching would have been sickened by the Labor Party’s confected righteousness, failure to even mention their pokies policy and finally – their vote in support of poker machines remaining in disadvantaged communities.

If they won’t stand by their major election policy, what do they stand for?

If they won’t vote in support of their supposed policies, why do they show up to Parliament at all?

The fearmongering and lies pedalled to disadvantaged communities by the Liberals to win an election were despicable. The Labor Party’s false hope and betrayal of voters, however, cuts deeper because their voters expected better of Labor.