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Liberals, Labor Vote Down Rental Reforms

Vica Bayley MP

Vica Bayley MP  -  Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Tags: Housing, Housing Crisis, Social and Affordable Housing, Rent Caps

Vica Bayley MP | Greens Housing spokesperson

The decision by both the Labor and Liberal parties to vote down a Greens' Bill aimed at reforming Tasmania's rental laws is disappointing and a significant betrayal of the thousands of renters doing it tough across the state.

The Greens' proposed legislation sought to provide much-needed protection for renters against unreasonable rent increases and unfair evictions, provide more rights to pet owners, and set minimum standards for heating and insulation. These common-sense and important reforms are all about looking after vulnerable Tasmanians.

We put forward our Bill because in Tasmania right now rent rises of hundreds of dollars a month are common, and people are regularly kicked out of their homes for no good reason. We believe Tasmanians deserve fair and equitable rental laws that ensure security and stability for renters.

The decision by the Liberals and Labor to block these reforms shows a lack of empathy and a failure to recognize the struggles faced by countless renters who are grappling with skyrocketing rent prices and the constant threat of eviction.

This bipartisan failure to support our proposed reforms sends a clear message to Tasmanians: the Labor and Liberal parties are unmoved by the challenges facing renters and reforming things to increase the well-being of renters. From here on in they will bear responsibility for every massive rent hike and every unfair eviction imposed on Tasmanian renters.

While this Bill has been rejected, the Greens remain committed to advocating for renters' rights and will continue to fight for fair and reasonable rental laws in Tasmania. We call on the Labor and Liberal parties to come to the table and to work with us to create a rental market that offers genuine protection to those who need it most.