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Liberals Must Act on Fireworks Threat to Tassie Devils

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Friday, 29 May 2015

Tags: Environment, Tasmanian Devil

Nick McKim MP | Greens Environment Spokesperson

Treasurer Peter Gutwein must ensure that any fireworks permits issued for within one kilometre of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary are cancelled before fireworks night tomorrow.

Bonorong has hundreds of native animals and unless action is taken it will be surrounded by fireworks tomorrow evening with a significant risk of animal death due to stress and unintended self harm caused by fear. Bonorong is also part of the Tasmanian Devil captive breeding program.

There are also farms and studs nearby which will be impacted unless Mr Gutwein steps up and does the right thing.

Tasmanian Devils are a listed threatened species and Tasmania’s animal emblem, and it would beggar belief if some die just so people can enjoy loud noises.

It would be simplicity itself for Mr Gutwein to pick up the phone to the Secretary of the Justice Department and tell him that he believes there are compelling reasons for the permits to be cancelled.

If Mr Gutwein won’t step up, Environment Minister Matthew Groom should get on the phone to him and stick up for threatened species in Tasmania.

The Explosives Regulations 2012 give the Secretary of the Justice Department the authority to cancel any undischarged permits if there are compelling reasons